A plan for day one of the biden administration

The new Biden Administration inherits a dire situation on day one, as Americans battles the worst pandemic in our lifetimes.  Simultaneously, we have the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. These crises are playing out in an era of great vulnerability for many Americans following an era of prolonged, systematic wealth accumulation by those at the top, which has produced unparalleled wealth disparity in the U.S.  To add insult to injury, much of that wealth accumulation has happened at the expense of the environment, as powerful companies externalized their waste, even though they understood the impacts of doing so.  It doesn't get much worse than this.

Help us bring this proposal to the biden transition team

If you have connections within the Biden transition team, please help us bring this proposal to the correct individuals responsible addressing Covid, economic stimulus, clean air, or climate change. It is urgent that we connect with the right people, so that a cross-silo team can be put together that will enable Biden to be ready to address these critical issues on day one.

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about THE originator

This proposal was the result of an ephiphany that came from simply connecting the urgent need for funding with the funding structure contained in the proposed plan for taxing carbon carbon in a "revenue-neutral" way. By combining and crafting this legislation to be broader and more egalitarian, Biden can address many critical issues at once.

VG in office
Valerie Gardner

Valerie Gardner holds an MBA from Yale and a JD from Northeastern. She was a co-founder of several high-tech companies and is currently a principal of Tiemann Investment Advisors, an investment advisory firm she co-founded in 2002. Ms. Gardner has long focused on finding solutions to climate change and, in 2016, launched the Climate Coalition, a non-profit focused on building unity and collaboration within the climate and clean energy movements. She is currently serving as the Managing Partner for Nucleation Capital, a new venture firm focused on deep decarbonization, CCUS technologies and next-generation nuclear power.

Like many climate advocates, Valerie has watched as opportunities to address emissions have fizzled, starting with election debacle which deprived Al Gore of the presidency in 2000. This was followed by the election of Barack Obama, who made healthcare reform his primary and, as it turned out, only legislative achievement through 2016. Then,  through a hacked election, Trump squeaked out an Electoral College win, and has spent much of the last four years dismantling as many environmental protections as possible. With Biden's election, the U.S. will finally have a chance to move decisively towards 100% clean energy. But this will only happen if we can get Covid-19 under control without going bankrupt first.

"The biggest threat to Biden's ability to address climate now comes from the risk that Covid relief will serve to restore the status quo, rather than be the seed that enables our transition to a 100% clean economy. We must have bold action that provides the necessary Covid relief but which also gets the U.S. onto the right track on climate from the start. But Treasury funds are limited. This question has haunted me and I literally could not sleep but then it struck me: we blend our two key legislative goals together!"
Valerie Gardner